In 1998, Congress amended the Rehabilitation Act by adding Section 508 to the statutes. Section 508 codifies the requirements to make a web site "accessible" to people with disabilities and remove the barriers to access inherent in most modern information technology. In light of that, I have tried to program this site to meet or exceed those requirements. At the same time, the only pages that give access to this page are written to the html5 standard that exists as of July, 2012. That standard is not a finished product yet. And rumor is that Congress is rewriting Section 508 to bring it up to date and achieve parity with the W3C's WCAG 2.0 standard so I'm writing the code to meet or exceed that standard, too.

Most modern browsers are already html5 compliant and the site should render fully as it was meant to (although programming for the older flavors of Internet Explorer is still an adventure of dubious value). Most screen readers should also have no problems with the site, although the newest versions are the ones I most recommend. As I am trying hard to write this to the most up-to-date standards, some features may not work well with some screen readers, particularly Screen Access To Go and Window Eyes. But the newest versions of JAWS, NVDA, ChromeVox and VoiceOver should deliver the highest quality experience.