Below is a list of Native American ceramic artists whose creations I have come across. The list will never be complete as excellent new artists are popping up all the time. I don't know that I will ever be able to post any kind of bio information about most of the people in the list as most Native Americans prefer to live quiet, private lives. For some, there is only a list of accomplishments as recognized by the outside world. A few have become famous enough that thick coffee-table books have been published about them. Part of my effort in this site is to tie in what biographical info I can find with photos of some of the creations of the individual artists.

Does any of this effort make me an expert? Absolutely not. But I do get a close-up view of many, many beautiful creations. In all of this, I am deeply indebted to the good people at : If you have questions, they're the people to ask.

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Karen Abeita Hopi
Sadie Adams Hopi
Celes and Evelyn Aguilar Santa Clara
Rosalie and Joe Aguilar San Ildefonso
Tammie Allen Jicarilla Apache
Juan Carlos Almeraz Mata Ortiz
Angel Amaya Mata Ortiz
Loren Ami Hopi
Ramona Ami Hopi
Louise Amos Acoma
Calvin Analla Jr - Jars 1
- Jars 2
Octavio Andrew Mata Ortiz
Flying Ant Hopi
Martha Appleleaf San Ildefonso
Delores Aragon Acoma
Florence Aragon Acoma
Rachel Aragon Acoma
Wanda Aragon Acoma
Anna Archuleta Santa Clara
Mary Ester Archuleta Santa Clara
Josephine Arquero Cochiti
Martha Arquero Cochiti
Linda Askan - Jars 1
- Figures 1
- Nativities 1
- Wedding Vases 1
Santa Clara
Ambrose Atencio Santo Domingo
Alvin Baca Santa Clara
Angela Baca Santa Clara
Annie Baca Santa Clara
David Baca Santa Clara
Taurina Baca Mata Ortiz
Virginia and Salvador Baca Mata Ortiz
Angel Bailon Santo Domingo
Adriana Banuelos Mata Ortiz
Roberto Banuelos Mata Ortiz
Daniel Begay Santa Clara
Harrison Begay Jr Santa Clara
Jerome Begay Navajo
Nathan Begaye Hopi
Seferina Bell Zia
Larry Ben Navajo
Nellie Bica Zuni
Rolanda Booqua Zuni
Autumn Borts Santa Clara
Debbie Brown Acoma
Elvira Bugarini Mata Ortiz
Laura Bugarini Mata Ortiz
Lucy Bugarini Mata Ortiz
Blue Corn San Ildefonso
Linda Cain Santa Clara
Mary Cain Santa Clara
Abel and Grace Calabaza Santo Domingo
Irving Camacho Mata Ortiz
Daryl Candelaria San Felipe
Hubert Candelario San Felipe
Myrtle Cata San Juan
Sophie Cata Santa Clara
Barbara and Joseph Cerno Acoma
Gail Cerno Acoma
Joseph Cerno Acoma
Grace Chapella Hopi
Karen Charley Hopi
Lena Charlie Hopi
Denise Chavarria Santa Clara
Frances Chavarria Santa Clara
Stella Chavarria Santa Clara
Sunday Chavarria Santa Clara
Jonathan Chee Navajo
Lowell Chereposy Hopi
Lorraine Chinana Jemez
Carrie Charlie Chino Acoma
Emmalita Chino Acoma
Grace Chino Acoma
Marie Z Chino Acoma
Randy Chitto Choctaw
Debbie Clashin Hopi
Alice Cling Navajo
Art Cody Santa Clara
Kathleen Collateta Hopi
Antoinette Concha Jemez
Carolyn Concho - Seed Pots 1
- Seed Pots 2
- Jars 1
- Plates 1
- Wedding Vases 1
Gary Concho Acoma
Rachel Concho - Seed Pots 1
- Seed Pots 2
Buffy Cordero Cochiti
Damacia Cordero Cochiti
George Cordero Cochiti
Helen Cordero Cochiti
Arthur and Hilda Coriz Santo Domingo
Ione Coriz Santo Domingo
Warren Coriz Santo Domingo
Adrian Corona Mata Ortiz
Angela Corona Mata Ortiz
Avelina Corona Mata Ortiz
Ricardo Corona Mata Ortiz
Vidal Corona Mata Ortiz
Elicena Cota Mata Ortiz
Karla Lopez Cota Mata Ortiz
Luz Angelica Lopez Cota Mata Ortiz
Susie Crank Navajo
Alvin Curran San Juan
Dolores Curran Santa Clara
Popovi Da San Ildefonso
Tony Da San Ildefonso
Glendora Daubs Jemez
Kimo DeCora - Jars 1
- Seed Pots 1
- Bowls and Plates 1
- Other 1
Rosita de Herrera San Juan
Dextra Hopi
Carmelita Dunlap San Ildefonso
Linda Dunlap San Ildefonso
Debra Duwyenie - Plates 1
- Seed Pots 1
Santa Clara
Preston Duwyenie - Jars
- Plates
- Cylinders
- Seed Pots
Max Early Laguna
James Ebelacker Santa Clara
Jason Ebelacker Santa Clara
Richard Ebelacker Santa Clara
Virginia Ebelacker Santa Clara
Caroline Elliot Santa Clara
Berleen Estevan Acoma
Paula Estevan - Jars 1
- Jars 2
- Jars 3
- Vases 1
Felecita Eustace Cochiti
Feather Woman Hopi
Erik Fender San Ildefonso
Alma Flores Mata Ortiz
Ismael Flores Mata Ortiz
Jody Folwell Santa Clara
Polly Rose Folwell Santa Clara
Susan Folwell Santa Clara
Betty Jean Fragua Jemez
Bonnie Fragua Jemez
Chrislyn Fragua Jemez
Cindy Fragua Jemez
Clifford Kim Fragua Jemez
Felicia Fragua Jemez
Glendora Fragua Jemez
Linda Lucero Fragua Jemez
Rose Lovato Fragua San Ildefonso
2nd Frogwoman Hopi
V Fryar Acoma
Henrietta Toya Gachupin Jemez
Laura Gachupin Jemez
Guadalupe Gallegos Mata Ortiz
Hector Gallegos Mata Ortiz
Hector Gallegos Jr. Mata Ortiz
Effie Garcia - Black Bowls 1
- Black Bowls 2
- Red Bowls 1
Santa Clara
Greg Garcia Santa Clara
Jessie Garcia Acoma
Joshua Garcia Santo Domingo
Kimberly Garcia Santa Clara
Mark Garcia Santo Domingo
Mark Wayne Garcia Santo Domingo
Myron Garcia Acoma
Ray Garcia San Felipe
Rose Chino Garcia Acoma
Sarah Garcia Acoma
Sharon Naranjo Garcia Santa Clara
Tammy Garcia Santa Clara
Tina Garcia Santa Clara
Virginia Garcia Santa Clara
Wilfred Garcia Acoma
Goldenrod Santa Clara
Barbara Gonzales San Ildefonso
Cavan Gonzales San Ildefonso
Johnny "Tse-Pe" Gonzales San Ildefonso
Juanita Gonzales San Ildefonso
Rose Gonzales San Ildefonso
Manuel Gonzalez Mata Ortiz
Marta Gonzalez Mata Ortiz
Louise Goodman Navajo
Stella Goodman Navajo
Lucy Gota Mata Ortiz
Eleanor Pino Griego Zia
Angel Guerrero Santa Clara
Denny Gutierrez Santa Clara
Dorothy and Paul Gutierrez Santa Clara
Geraldine Gutierrez Santa Clara
Lela and Van Gutierrez Santa Clara
Lois Gutierrez Santa Clara
Luz Elva Gutierrez Mata Ortiz
Margaret and Luther Gutierrez Santa Clara
Margaret Lou Gutierrez Santa Clara
Melony Gutierrez Santa Clara
Virginia Gutierrez Pojoaque
Diana Halsey Santa Clara
Mary Ann Hampton Acoma
Pam Lujan Hauer Taos
Haungooah aka Art Cody Santa Clara
Dean Haungooah Santa Clara
Martha Hedez Mata Ortiz
Amado Hedz Mata Ortiz
Phyllis and Marlin Hemlock Santa Clara
Gloria Hernandez Mata Ortiz
Dorothy Herrera Cochiti
Arturo Holguin Mata Ortiz
Lisa Holt Cochiti
Erma Homer Zuni
Daisy Hooee Hopi
Rondina Huma Hopi
Stella Huma Hopi
Melissa Johnson Navajo
Marie Juanico Acoma
Marietta Juanico Acoma
Gloria Kahe Hopi
Robert Kasero Sr - Seed Pots 1
- Jars 1
Adrienne Roy Keene Acoma
Alton Komalestewa Hopi
Jacob Koopee Hopi
Wendell Kowemy Laguna
Carlos Laate - Jars 1
- Owls 1
- Wedding Vases 1
Jennie Laate Zuni
Alan Lasiloo Zuni
Joseph Latoma San Felipe
Pauline Latoma San Felipe
Maria Laweka Cochiti
Antonio Ledezma Mata Ortiz
Claudia Ledezma Mata Ortiz
Efren Ledezma Mata Ortiz
Elsa Ledezma Mata Ortiz
Guadalupe Ledezma Mata Ortiz
Jesus Ledezma Mata Ortiz
Julio Ledezma Mata Ortiz
Leticia Ledezma Mata Ortiz
Yoly Ledezma Mata Ortiz
Jerardo and Norma Lena Mata Ortiz
Juana Leno Acoma
Bernard Lewis Acoma
Carmel Lewis Acoma
Dolores Lewis Acoma
Diane Lewis Acoma
Drew Lewis Acoma
Emma Lewis Acoma
Eric Lewis - Seed Pots 1
- Jars 1
- Plates 1
Ivan Lewis Cochiti
Judy Lewis - Storytellers 1
- Corn Maidens 1
- Nativities 1
- Other 1
Lucy Lewis Acoma
Mary Lewis Acoma
Rita Lewis Cochiti
Sharon Lewis Acoma
Lorna Lomakema Hopi
Greg Lonewolf Santa Clara
Joseph Lonewolf Santa Clara
Rosemary Lonewolf Santa Clara
Baudel Lopez Mata Ortiz
Eduardo Lopez Mata Ortiz
Estella de Lopez Mata Ortiz
Leonel Lopez Mata Ortiz
Oralia Lopez Mata Ortiz
Deborah Loretto Jemez
Geraldine Lovato San Felipe
Anita Lowden Acoma
Amanda Lucario - Jars 1
- Plates 1
- Seed Pots 1
Daniel Lucario - Jars 1
- Plates 1
- Seed Pots 1
- Canteens 1
Duane Lucario Acoma
Rebecca Lucario - Jars 1
- Plates 1
- Seed Pots 1
Steve Lucas Hopi
Yvonne Lucas Laguna
Clayton Lucero Jemez
Diane Lucero Jemez
Efrain Lucero Mata Ortiz
Geraldo Lucero Mata Ortiz
Gerardo Lucero Mata Ortiz
Mary R. Lucero Jemez
Reuben Lucero Mata Ortiz
Virginia Lucero Jemez
Hugo Macias Mata Ortiz
Alma Maestas Jemez
Vanessa Maestas Jemez
Gloria Mahle Hopi
Juanita Maho Hopi
Patty Maho Hopi
Betty Manygoats Navajo
Elizabeth Manygoats Navajo
Adam and Santana Martinez San Ildefonso
Anita Martinez San Ildefonso
Ashley Martinez Santa Clara
Carla Martinez Mata Ortiz
Chris Martinez Santa Clara
Graciela Martinez Mata Ortiz
Ivan Martinez Mata Ortiz
Jose Martinez Mata Ortiz
Maria Martinez Bio
- Bowls 1
- Jars 1
- Jars 2
- Plates 1
- Wedding Vases 1
- Non-Black Pieces 1
San Ildefonso
Marvin and Frances Martinez - Jars 1
- Jars 2
San Ildefonso
Nicholas Martinez San Ildefonso
Pauline Martinez San Ildefonso
Pricila Martinez Mata Ortiz
Suzy Martinez Mata Ortiz
Vickie Martinez Santa Clara
Christine McHorse Navajo
Grace Medicine Flower Santa Clara
Elizabeth Medina Zia
Marcellus Medina Zia
Sophia Medina Zia
Guadalupe Melendez Mata Ortiz
Diane Menchego Santa Ana
Hector Javier Martinez Mendez Mata Ortiz
Manuel Molina Mata Ortiz
Desideria Montoya San Ildefonso
John Montoya Sandia
Maximiliana Montoya San Ildefonso
Camille Moquino Santa Clara
Jennifer Moquino Santa Clara
Marvin Moquino Santa Clara
Melvin Moquino Santa Clara
Abel Mora Mata Ortiz
Julio Mora Mata Ortiz
Lupita Mora Mata Ortiz
Amber Naha Hopi
Burel Naha Hopi
Helen Naha Hopi
Nona Naha Hopi
Paqua Naha (aka 1st Frogwoman) Hopi
Rainy Naha Hopi
Sylvia Naha Hopi
Tyra Naha Hopi
Randy Nahohai Zuni
Randall Sahmie Nahto Hopi
Les Namingha Hopi
Lillian Namingha Hopi
Priscilla Namingha Hopi
Lawrence Namoki Hopi
Nampeyo of Hano Hopi
Daisy Nampeyo Hopi
Darlene Nampeyo Hopi
Dextra Quotskuyva Nampeyo Hopi
Donella Nampeyo Hopi
Elva Nampeyo Hopi
Fannie Nampeyo Hopi
Hisi Quotskuyva Nampeyo Hopi
Iris Nampeyo Hopi
James Nampeyo Hopi
Leah Nampeyo Hopi
Melda Nampeyo Hopi
Miriam Nampeyo Hopi
Nellie Nampeyo Hopi
Bernice Naranjo Santa Clara
Celestine Naranjo Santa Clara
Christina Naranjo Santa Clara
Dusty Naranjo Santa Clara
Geri Naranjo Santa Clara
Gloria Naranjo Santa Clara
Jennifer Naranjo Santa Clara
Jody Naranjo Santa Clara
Joe and Eunice Naranjo Santa Clara
Johnathan Naranjo Santa Clara
Justin Naranjo Santa Clara
Kevin Naranjo Santa Clara
Louis Naranjo Cochiti
Madeline Naranjo Santa Clara
Monica Naranjo Santa Clara
Reycita Naranjo Santa Clara
Sammy Naranjo - Jars 1
- Jars 2
- Figures 1
- Plates 1
- Wedding Vases 1
Santa Clara
Teresita Naranjo Santa Clara
Virginia Naranjo Cochiti
Charmae Natseway Acoma
Thomas Natseway Laguna
Eli Navarette Mata Ortiz
Charles Navasie Hopi
Dawn Navasie Hopi
Dolly Navasie Hopi
Joy Navasie aka 2nd Frogwoman Hopi
Loretta Navasie Hopi
Marianne Navasie Hopi
Maynard Navasie Hopi
Robert Nichols Santa Clara
Arcely Nunez Mata Ortiz
Cesar Nunez Mata Ortiz
Eduardo Olivas Mata Ortiz
Jesus Olivas Mata Ortiz
Martin Olivas Mata Ortiz
Roberto Olivas Mata Ortiz
Alex Ortega Mata Ortiz
Celia Ortega Mata Ortiz
Hector Ortega Mata Ortiz
Eduardo Ortiz aka Chevo Mata Ortiz
Inez Ortiz Cochiti
Macario Ortiz Mata Ortiz
Mary Janice Ortiz Cochiti
Nicolas Ortiz Mata Ortiz
Ricardo Ortiz San Felipe
Seferina Ortiz Cochiti
Virgil Ortiz Cochiti
Lucero Ozuna Mata Ortiz
Miana Pablito Santa Clara
Paulita Pacheco Santo Domingo
Rose Pacheco Santo Domingo
Andrew Padilla Laguna
Brenda Panana Jemez
Ruby Panana Zia
Gladys Paquin Laguna
Felisha Patricio Acoma
Kylie Patricio Acoma
Robert Patricio - Jars 1
- Jars 2
- Jars 3
- Jars 4
Garnet Pavatea Hopi
Carol Pecos Jemez
Elias Pena Mata Ortiz
Laura Pena Santa Ana
Efren Perez Mata Ortiz
Rodrigo Perez Mata Ortiz
Franklin Peters - Jars 1
- Jars 2
- Jars 3
Agnes Peynetsa Zuni
Anderson Peynetsa - Jars 1
- Jars 2
- Bird Pots 1
- Seed Pots 1
- Wedding Vases
Anderson Jamie Peynetsa Zuni
Priscilla Peynetsa Zuni
Eleuterio Pina Mata Ortiz
Humberto Pina Mata Ortiz
Thomas Polacca Hopi
Jorge Ponce Mata Ortiz
Alice Puhuhefvaya Hopi

Al Qoyawayma Hopi
Joel Queen Cherokee
Arturo Quezada Mata Ortiz
Blanca Quezada Mata Ortiz
Consolacion Quezada Mata Ortiz
Damian Quezada Mata Ortiz
Efren Quezada Mata Ortiz
Juan Quezada Mata Ortiz
José Quezada Mata Ortiz
Lucia Quezada Mata Ortiz
Lydia Quezada Mata Ortiz
Mariano Quezada Mata Ortiz
Martha Quezada Mata Ortiz
Matilda QuezadaMata Ortiz
Mauro Quezada Mata Ortiz
Moroni Quezada Mata Ortiz
Nicolas Quezada Mata Ortiz
Olga Quezada Mata Ortiz
Oscar Quezada Mata Ortiz
Pabla Quezada Mata Ortiz
Reynalda Quezada Mata Ortiz
Reynaldo Quezada Mata Ortiz
Hector Quintana Mata Ortiz
Dextra Nampeyo Quotskuyva Hopi
Hisi Nampeyo Quotskuyva Hopi
Ernesto Ramirez Mata Ortiz
Luz Elva Ramirez Mata Ortiz
Oscar Ramirez Mata Ortiz
Rachel Medina Raton Santa Ana
Marilyn Ray Acoma
Harlan Reano Cochiti
Norman Red Star Lakota Sioux
Cruz Renteria Mata Ortiz
Olivia Dominguez Renteria Mata Ortiz
Marcia Rickey Hopi
Mari Rios Mata Ortiz
Abraham Rodriguez Mata Ortiz
Alfredo Rodriguez Mata Ortiz
Armando Rodriguez Mata Ortiz
Juan Carlos Rodriguez Mata Ortiz
Manuel Rodriguez Mata Ortiz
Paty Rodriguez Mata Ortiz
Ruben Rodriguez Mata Ortiz
Cliff Roller Santa Clara
Jeff Roller Santa Clara
Jordan Roller Santa Clara
Ryan Roller Santa Clara
Tim Roller Santa Clara
Toni Roller Santa Clara
Diego Romero Cochiti
Monica Romero Santa Clara
Pauline Romero Jemez
Susan Romero Santa Clara
Tonita Roybal San Ildefonso
Shauna Rustin Acoma
Ida Sahmie Hopi
Jean Sahme Hopi
Nyla Sahmie Hopi
Rachel Sahmie Hopi
Melissa Salazar Santa Clara
Alisha Sanchez Acoma
Kathy Sanchez Nambe
Russell Sanchez San Ildefonso
Steve Sanchez Cochiti
Kenneth James Sando Jemez
Alonso Sandoval Mata Ortiz
Ismael Sandoval Mata Ortiz
Myron Sarracino Laguna
Pauline Setalla Hopi
Cornelia Shije Zia
Eusebia Shije Zia
Helen Shupla Santa Clara
Jackie Shutiva Acoma
Goyin Silveira Mata Ortiz
Lilo Silveira Mata Ortiz
Tavo Silveira Mata Ortiz
Mary Singer Santa Clara
Elijah Naranjo Smith Santa Clara
Jamie Zane Smith Wyandotte
Richard Zane Smith Wyandotte
Snowflake Flower Cochiti
Lorenzo Soto Mata Ortiz
Lucie Soto Mata Ortiz
Lorenzo Spencer Navajo
Red Starr Lakota Sioux
Jacquie Stevens Winnebago
Anita Suazo Santa Clara
Candelaria Suazo Santa Clara
Ada Suina Cochiti
Dena Suina Cochiti
Frances Suina Cochiti
Louise Suina Cochiti
Vangie Suina Cochiti
White Swann Hopi
Roxanne Swentzell Santa Clara
Camilio Tafoya Santa Clara
Carleen Youngbird Tafoya Santa Clara
Gwen Tafoya Santa Clara
Judy and Lincoln Tafoya Santa Clara
Legoria Tafoya Santa Clara
Leslie Tafoya Santa Clara
Linda Tafoya Santa Clara
LuAnn Tafoya Santa Clara
Madeline Tafoya Santa Clara
Margaret Tafoya Santa Clara
Marina Tafoya Santa Clara
Mida Tafoya Santa Clara
Ray Tafoya Santa Clara
Serafina Tafoya Santa Clara
Severa Tafoya Santa Clara
Sherry Tafoya Santa Clara
Shirley Tafoya Santa Clara
Dianna Tahbo Hopi
Mark Tahbo - Jars 1
- Tiles 1
Joe and Thelma Talachy Pojoaque
Rito Talavera Mata Ortiz
Belen Tapia Santa Clara
Mae Tapia Santa Clara
Sue Tapia San Juan
Tom Tapia San Juan
Chris Teller Isleta
Robin Teller Isleta
Stella Teller Isleta
Fito Tena Mata Ortiz
Gerardo and Norma Tena Mata Ortiz
Melissa Tena Mata Ortiz
Delmar Tenorio Santo Domingo
Franklin Tenorio - Jars 1
- Jars 2
- Plates & Bowls 1
Santo Domingo
Robert Tenorio Santo Domingo
Thomas Tenorio - Jars 1
- Jars 2
- Plates & Bowls 1
Santo Domingo
Trini Tenorio Santo Domingo
Tyra Tewawina Hopi
Verda Toledo Jemez
Dorothy Torivio Acoma
Frances Torivio Acoma
Wilma Baca Tosa - Jars 1
- Wedding Vases 1
Anita Toya Jemez
Dominique Toya Jemez
Judy Toya - Storytellers
- Santa Claus Storytellers
- Nativities
Marie Toya Jemez
Mary Toya Jemez
Mary Ellen Toya Jemez
Maxine Toya Jemez
Irma Trevizo Mata Ortiz
Sigifredo Ledezma Trevizo Mata Ortiz
Dorothy Trujillo Cochiti
Felipa Trujillo Cochiti
Gregorita Trujillo San Juan
Mary and Leonard Trujillo Cochiti
Reycita Trujillo San Juan
Tse-Pe San Ildefonso
Dora Tse-Pe San Ildefonso
Brian Tsethlikai Zuni
Damon Tso Navajo
Darrick Tsosie Jemez
Emily Fragua Tsosie - Storytellers
- Santa Claus Storytellers
- Animal Figures
- Nativities
Leonard Tsosie Jemez
Diego Valles Mata Ortiz
Adrian Vallo Acoma
Memo Varela Mata Ortiz
Billy Veale Santo Domingo
Antonio Veloz Mata Ortiz
Carmen Veloz Mata Ortiz
Celia Veloz Mata Ortiz
Claudia Veloz Mata Ortiz
Cletus Victorino Acoma
Sandra Victorino Acoma
Art Vigil Tesuque
Carol Vigil Jemez
Lonnie Vigil Nambe
Minnie Vigil Santa Clara
Priscilla Vigil Tesuque
Robert Vigil - Black Jars 1
- Golden Jars 1
- Other 1
Cruz Villa Mata Ortiz
Emelia Villa Mata Ortiz
Yesenia Villa Mata Ortiz
Jose Andres Villalba Mata Ortiz
Sabino Villalba Mata Ortiz
Loren Wallowing Bull - Storytellers 1
- Nativities 1
Daryl Whitegeese Santa Clara
Lorraine Williams - Jars 1
- Jars 2
Rose Williams Navajo
Sue Williams Navajo
Angie Yazzie Taos
Alvina Yepa Jemez
Elston Yepa Jemez
Emma Yepa Jemez
Marcella Yepa Jemez
Mela Youngblood Santa Clara
Nancy Youngblood Santa Clara
Nathan Youngblood Santa Clara
Ethel Youvella Hopi
Susie Youvella Hopi
Wallace Youvella Hopi
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