Paqua Naha

Also known as the 1st Frogwoman (Paqua means frog), Paqua Naha was a famous potter from the Hopi mesas. She did a lot of work in white ware and passed that tradition down through the Naha-Navasie family tree. Joy Navasie, the 2nd Frogwoman, was her daughter. Helen Naha (the original Featherwoman) was Paqua's daughter-in-law.

Both Joy and Paqua signed the bottom faces of their works with a frog image. However, Paqua's frog has straight, square lines whereas Joy's has webbed toes.

Black geometric design around the rim of a red ware ashtray
Red ware ashtray decorated with a black geometric design around the rim
1 1/2 in H by 5 1/4 in Dia

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