Ione Coriz

The wife and teacher of Warren Coriz, Ione Coriz was a potter from Santo Domingo.

Bird and floral design inside a large polychrome bowl with a geometric design on the outside
Large polychrome bowl with bird and floral design inside and geometric design outside
5 3/4 in H by 15 1/4 in Dia
Bathing suits on three lounging pigs
Three lounging pigs in bathing suits
4 in H by 3 1/4 in Dia
Measurement of largest piece
Geometric design on a polychrome jar
Polychrome jar decorated with a geometric design
14 in H by 14 1/2 in Dia
Feather and geometric design on a polychrome jar with raised birds
Polychrome jar with raised birds and decorated with a feather and geometric design
9 1/2 in H by 7 1/2 in Dia
Pottery photos courtesy of Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery

Santo Domingo Pueblo Potters