Shapes and Forms

Sgraffito butterfly, flower and geometric designs on a carved black turtle with inlaid turquoise
Carved black turtle with inlaid turquoise and sgraffito flower, butterfly and geometric designs, by Melony Gutierrez, Santa Clara
3 1/2 in H by 6 1/2 in Dia
Black and white geometric designs on a polychrome jar
Polychrome jar decorated with black and white geometric designs, by Lisa Holt and Harlan Reano, Cochiti/Santo Domingo
9 3/4 in H by 9 1/2 in Dia
Sienna stripe and sgraffito heart line on a gunmetal black bear
Gunmetal black bear with a sienna stripe and sgraffito heart line, by Tony Da, San Ildefonso
3 1/2 in H by 5 3/4 in Dia
Deer, heart line and geometric designs on an orange water pitcher
Orange water pitcher decorated with deer, heart line and geometric designs, by Anderson Peynetsa, Zuni
7 3/4 in H by 8 1/4 in Dia

Pottery comes in many shapes and forms. Some is utilitarian and some ceremonial but most is art. In some areas, shapes are limited by the local religion. In other areas, anything goes. And there's room for a lot of innovation in between... that's how storytellers and nativities came about. It's how seedpots (a form once purely utilitarian and now purely art) have been stretched, blown up, flattened and turned into precise geometric shapes.

Basket weaving around the rim of a large bowl
Red bowl with basket weaving
by Jacquie Stevens, Winnebago

8 3/4 in H by 14 1/2 in Dia
One child and a plate on a black storyteller
Black female storyteller with one child and a plate, by Linda Askan, Santa Clara
4 in H by 4 1/2 in Dia
Red and black geometric designs on a white jar with geometric cutouts
White jar with geometric (yin/yang) cutouts plus red and black geometric designs, by Diego Valles, Mata Ortiz
8 in H by 5 3/4 in Dia
Measurement includes stand
Mimbres bird and geometric designs on a lidded polychrome pyramid
Lidded polychrome pyramid decorated with Mimbres bird and geometric designs, by Charmae Natseway, Acoma
6 in H by 5 1/2 in Dia
Pottery photos are courtesy of Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery