Richard Zane Smith

Richard Zane Smith is an enrolled member of the Wyandot Nation of Kansas. Sadly, the Wyandot Nation of Kansas is still working its way to federal recognition.

Richard grew up in Missouri and attended the Kansas City Art Institute to study ceramics. Over the years since, he has worked diligently to spread the knowledge required to make traditional Wyandot pottery and to keep his language and culture alive among today's young Wyandot.

Richard has been creating his own unique version of Wyandot pottery for more than 40 years. When I look at his work (and hold it in my hands), I can feel the spirit in it, walking in the forest and communing with all that lives.

Richard and his wife Carol are among the most peaceful and sharing people I have ever met. He doesn't do big shows (like Santa Fe Indian Market) because he prefers to be out of the crowd, and the demand for his work is so high he can never build up enough inventory to make it worthwhile.

Corrugated surface on a polychrome jar
Polychrome jar with corrugated surface
8 1/2 in H by 12 1/4 in Dia
Corrugated Navajo carpet design on a large seed pot
Large seed pot decorated with a corrugated Navajo carpet design
16 3/4 in H by 19 3/4 in Dia

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