Alton Komalestewa

The great grandson of Nampeyo of Hano, Alton Komalestewa actually learned to make pottery from his mother-in-law, Helen Shupla, of Santa Clara Pueblo after marrying her daughter Jeannie and moving to Santa Clara. Helen taught him the process to make her trademark melon bowls and jars: the designs are pushed out from inside the pot, not carved from outside.

Melon jar with 16 ribs 16-rib melon jar
8 1/2 in H by 9 3/4 in Dia

Plain, polished two-tone brown jar
Polished plain two-tone brown jar
7 3/4 in H by 8 1/2 in Dia
Red band around the neck of a large buff bowl
Large buff bowl with a red band around the neck
7 in H by 13 in Dia
Red melon jar
Formed red melon jar
4 1/4 in H by 5 1/4 in Dia
Pottery photos courtesy of Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery

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