Anita Martinez

Anita Martinez (c. 1920s-1992) was the daughter of Adam and Santana Martinez, granddaughter of Maria Martinez and mother of Kathy Pino and Barbara Gonzales. She grew up in the heart of a pottery making dynasty, learning the ancient art from her parents and grandparents and passing it on to her daughters.

Geometric design on a lidded black on black jar
Lidded black on black jar with geometric design
9 3/4 in H by 6 in Dia
Polished black and brown lidded jar
Brown and black lidded jar
4 1/2 in H by 6 1/4 in Dia
Kiva step lid on an oval black box
Oval black box with a kiva step lid
4 3/4 in H by 6 1/4 in Dia
Sienna rim on a plain black jar
Plain polished black jar with a sienna rim
6 1/4 in H by 6 1/4 in Dia

San Ildefonso Pueblo Potters