Christine McHorse

Navajo potter Christine McHorse
Christine McHorse

Christine McHorse is a Navajo potter and sculptor. She has won so many awards her work has been raised into a whole other classification.

Christine's father was a heavy equipment operator and Chrictine grew up in the Clifton, AZ area, where her father worked for the copper mines. She spent summers on the Navajo Reservation with her grandmother. After high school, she attended the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, graduating in 1968. Three years later she married Joel McHorse, a silversmith from Taos. Christine says she learned how to make pottery from Joel's grandmother, Lena Archuleta. Taos pottery is usually simple and elegant with little or no decoration beyond that afforded by the micaceous slip they apply to nearly every piece. When Christine does add decoration, she draws on the rich traditions of the Navajos for her designs.

Leather strap on a micaceous clay canteen
Micaceous clay canteen with a leather strap
8 1/2 in H by 8 1/2 in Dia
Micaceous black sculptural piece
Black micaceous sculptural piece
13 1/4 in H by 9 1/2 in Dia
Fire clouds and an organic opening on a brown on brown shaped and formed jar
Brown on brown shaped and formed jar with an organic opening and fire clouds
12 1/4 in H by 15 3/4 in Dia
A band of fine line sgraffito decorates the neck of a resting bird sculptural piece
Resting bird sculptural piece with a band of sgraffito fine line design around the neck
9 3/4 in H by 8 1/2 in Dia

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