Chemehuevi Potters

The Chemehuevi were a tribe scattered across the southeastern Mojave Desert, from Joshua Tree to the Colorado River. They were never subdued by the Spanish, it took the incoming Euro-American hordes along the California Trail to do that. But they were a nomadic tribe, traveling with the weather and the food. Once the miners started flooding in, their wandering days were over. That said, it took many years for the government to grant them a homeland.

In the early 1930's the Colorado River Indian Reservation was established on both sides of the Colorado River near Parker Dam. The property was first populated by members of the Mohave and Chemehuevi Tribes, then the Bureau of Indian Affairs moved in some Navajo and Hopi families. Someone among the Hopis was an accomplished potter and from what I've seen, Teresa Wildflower learned her art from that potter. Niadi Wildflower learned it from her mother, Teresa.

Niadi Wildflower
Teresa Wildflower