Lonnie Vigil

It is said that Lonnie Vigil essentially jump-started the revival of traditional pottery making at Nambe Pueblo after it had almost died. He is also the only traditional potter working with micaceous clay to ever win Best of Show at the SWAIA Santa Fe Indian Market (2001). Back in 1994 he won the first ever Ron and Susan Dubin Native American Artist Fellowship at the School for Advanced Research. And he didn't start out in life thinking he'd ever be a potter.

After high school Lonnie attended Eastern New Mexico University and earned a degree in business administration. Then he became a financial and business consultant for a few years in New Mexico before moving to Washington DC. He made good money at it but came to a point where he realized it wasn't "feeding his soul." After attending "Night of the First Americans" at the Kennedy Center he was inspired to return to Nambe where he was essentially organically steered into working with clay. And that's when Clay Mother began to talk to him and guide his path. Since then he has won top awards at several Santa Fe Indian Markets.

Fire clouds on a micaceous clay poy
Golden micaceous clay pot with fire clouds
12 1/2 in H by 15 1/2 in Dia
Organic opening on a black micaceous jar
Black micaceous jar with organic opening
10 1/4 in H by 13 in Dia
Fire clouds on an orange micaceous jar
Orange micaceous jar with fire clouds
9 3/4 in H by 14 in Dia
Fire clouds on a golden micaceous jar
Golden micaceous jar with fire clouds
13 in H by 15 1/2 in Dia
Fire clouds on a golden micaceous bowl
Golden micaceous bowl with fire clouds
5 1/2 in H by 9 in Dia
Fire clouds and an organic opening on a golden micaceous jar
Golden micaceous jar decorated with an organic opening and fire clouds
6 1/2 in H by 8 1/2 in Dia
Micaceous black jar Black micaceous jar
12 1/2 in H by 13 1/2 in Dia

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