Glenn Gomez

Pojoaque/Taos Pueblo

Born in 1954, Glenn Gomez is a traditional potter who lives at Taos Pueblo. His mother was Cordi Gomez of Pojoaque Pueblo and he grew up there. Then it looks he married into Taos Pueblo and moved to his wife's home there, but I have found no mention of that anywhere. Glenn usually represents himself as being from Pojoaque and Taos.

Glenn often makes fantastical forms and shapes, things never seen before. His surface treatment is always a micaceous clay slip and he often fires his pieces in an oxygen-reduction atmosphere to be black.

A golden micaceous clay jar with an organic opening and fire clouds
An organic opening on a golden micaceous jar with fire clouds
5 in L by 5 in W by 5.25 in H

Taos Pueblo Potters