Lucy Year Flower

Pojoaque Pueblo

Lucy Year Flower was born into Pojoaque Pueblo in 1935. That was in the heart of the resurrection of Pojoaque Pueblo as a tribal entity. The Bureau of Indian Affairs had been advertising in the local newspapers for members of the tribe to return to the lands of the original pueblo grant and re-enroll themselves in the tribe. Many of those early members returned from Santa Clara where their families had gone when Pojoaque Pueblo was abandoned in the early 1900s.

The ties to Santa Clara remain close and Lucy married Jose Tafoya, son of Camilio Tafoya, brother of Joseph Lonewolf and Grace Medicine Flower, grandson of Margaret Tafoya. In keeping with Puebloan tradition, Jose moved to Lucy's home in Pojoaque. However, his illustrious family had an impression on Lucy and her work.

Lucy started making pottery in the 1970s, combining carved designs with sgraffito on her pieces. She earned numerous awards over the years at Santa Fe Indian Market and the Eight Northern Pueblos Arts & Crafts Show. Lucy passed on in 2012.

A black jar with melon ribs above the shoulder A black jar with melon ribs above the shoulder
4.25 in H by 5.25 in Dia

Pojoaque Pueblo Potters