Dominguita Sisneros

Born in 1942, Dominguita Sisneros Naranjo is the younger sister of Rosita de Herrera. Both sisters were taught how to make pottery the San Juan way by their mother, Tomasita Montoya, one of the eight women who restarted the San Juan pottery tradition in the 1930's.

Being from San Juan Pueblo, of course she was a regular participant in the Eight Northern Pueblos Arts & Crafts Show. She usually signed her pieces "Dominguita Sisneros San Juan Pueblo New Mexico". She also often collaborated with her mother. Those pots are signed on the bottom by both women.

Jennifer Sisneros, 2nd wife of Tse-pe of San Ildefonso and present wife of Alfred Naranjo of Santa Clara Puelo, is her daughter.

Sgraffito geometric design on a polished red and matte tan bowl
Matte tan and polished red bowl decorated with a band of sgraffito geometric design
3 3/4 in H by 5 1/2 in Dia

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