Art Vigil

Tesuque Pueblo

Arthur Vigil is the grandson of Manuel and Vicenta Vigil, a noted pottery-making husband-and-wife team from Tesuque Pueblo. Manuel is credited with making the first pueblo pottery nacimiento (nativity) in the 1950s. As a team, they were famous for their figurines, including storytellers, dancers and nativities.

Their grandson Art also earned a name through his pottery figures but as much as he emulates their process, he's developed his own personal style. He doesn't make much pottery any more.

Note: My effort in this website has been to show pottery produced using only traditional methods. Art often liked to paint his creations with acrylic paints...

Six pieces in a decorated deer dancer set
Decorated deer dancers in a six-piece set
4.25 in H by 2.75 in W by 2.5 in L
Measurement of largest piece

Tesuque Pueblo Potters