Larry Ben


Larry Ben is a Navajo potter. He seems to specialize in figures and Navajo Folk Art. Other than that, there isn't much info available about him.

Sheep figure in black and white with pine pitch coating
Black and white sheep figure dipped in pine pitch
5.75 in H by 8 in Dia
Folk art rooster
Polychrome folk art rooster
5.75 in H by 7 in Dia
Chicken figure with a scarf
Navajo Folk Art: Chicken with a red scarf
5 in H by 4 in Dia
Folk animal Navajo style
Navajo Folk Art: Sheep
5.25 in H by 6.25 in Dia
Horse figure
Navajo Folk Art: Horse figure
6.5 in H by 7.25 in Dia
Buffalo figure
Navajo Folk Art: Buffalo figure
4.5 in H by 6 in Dia

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