Kathy Sanchez

San Ildefonso Pueblo

Kathy Sanchez is a potter from San Ildefonso Pueblo. She signs her pieces using her Tewa name: Wan Povi.

Kathy was born into San Ildefonso Pueblo in 1950. She stayed in school until she'd earned her Masters degree in Education from the University of New Mexico. Then she married Gilbert Sanchez from San Juan Pueblo and got involved in tribal affairs.

She first went to Santa Fe Indian Market with her pottery in 1977. In 1981 she began earning awards there.

Kathy prefers to make blackware and decorate it with sgraffito turtles, avanyu, bear paw, feathers, cactus and mountain designs. She added spouts to the rims of some of her pieces but she almost never painted anything. She also liked to make bear figures and stone inlays.

Sienna rim and sgraffito spider and web design on a miniature black jar
Miniature black jar with sienna rim and sgraffito spider and web design
1.75 in H by 2 in Dia

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