Rosalie and Joe Aguilar

San Ildefonso Pueblo

Rosalie Simbola Aguilar was born into Picuris Pueblo in November, 1898. She married Joe Aguilar on February 27, 1922 and moved to his home at San Ildefonso. The son of Ignacio Aguilar and Susana Martinez Aguilar, Joe was an excellent painter. While he could make pots himself, he mostly painted pots for his mother and his wife.

Rosalie and Joe were neighbors of Rose Gonzales and they learned the fundamentals of making traditional pottery from her. Rose might have carved the first pot at San Ildefonso but Rosalie was right behind her. Rosalie's pottery production was prolific with deep-carved blackware in the form of bowls and jars being her favorite. Joe would also carve pots for her, and sand the edges of the carved areas to create a "cameo" effect.

Rosalie passed on in 1947, Joe in 1965.

Geometric design on a black on black plate
Black on black plate with geometric design
1 in H by 9 3/4 in Dia
Geometric design on a black on black bird bowl
Black on black bird bowl decorated with geometric design
2 1/4 in H by 6 3/4 in Dia

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