Randy Nahohai

Zuni Pueblo

Randy Nahohai was born into the Eagle Clan at Zuni Pueblo. Taught the traditional art of making pottery by his mother, Josephine Nahohai, Randy has been actively producing pottery since about 1983.

Randy shared his pottery studio, Nahohai Clayworks, with his brother Milford. His favorite motifs are long-haired katsinas, deer-with-heart-lines, water serpents (kolowisi), kokopeli, dragonflies and frogs.

Randy passed on in March, 2016.

Deer heart line design on a polychrome bowl
Polychrome bowl with deer-with-heart-line design
5 in H by 7 in Dia
Frog design inside and dragonfly design outside on a polychrome prayer bowl
Polychrome prayer bowl with frog design inside and dragonfly design outside
5 in H by 10.5 in Dia
Mating eagle and geometric design on a large polychrome storage jar
Large polychrome storage jar decorated with mating eagle and geometric design
12.5 in H by 14 in Dia

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