Faye Tso


Faye Tso (1933-2004) was a Diné potter from the Black Mesa area of the Diné Nation. Silas Claw and most of Rose Williams' and Louise Goodman's families lived nearby. In those days, it was a very remote area of the Reservation. Then came paved highways, the Shonto Trading Post and tourists. The folks at the trading post helped to facilitate a bit more prosperity in the area as they bought and sold Diné arts and crafts, including pottery.

Faye's parents were traditional Dinéherbal healers and she learned those ways as she was growing up. Most potters in the neighborhood said they learned first from Rose as Rose would teach anyone who could speak fluent Diné (she didn't speak any English). From there, they all shared what they learned with each other.

A Yeibichai figure with a biyo around the rim of a brown jar, made with small appliques
Fire clouds on a brown jar decorated with a Yeibichai and biyo design made of small appliqués
7.25 in Dia by 10.5 in H

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