Santana Melchor

Born in 1889 and passing on in 1978, Santana Melchor was one of the most important Santo Domingo potters in the mid-20th century. She was one of the few potters at Santo Domingo working to keep their pottery tradition alive through the 1950's into the 1970's.

Santana learned the traditional art from her mother, Maria Garcia. She, in turn, taught her children. She was an acknowledged master of construction, form and design.

In 1974, Santana was one of a delegation of Pueblo women who flew to Washington, DC, to explore the Smithsonian Institution and meet with First Lady Pat Nixon.

Geometric design on a polychrome bowl Polychrome bowl with geometric design
4 1/4 in H by 9 1/2 in Dia

Santo Domingo Pueblo Potters