Mary Edna Tenorio

Santo Domingo Pueblo

Mary Edna Coriz was born in February 1946 to Louis and Carrie R. Loretto of Jemez Pueblo. She grew up in a pottery making household and learned the basics from her mother and grandmother (Carrie was from Laguna so Edna got an education in working with different clays). Among her siblings were Alma Maestas, Mary Loretto Toya, Leonora Lucero, Dorothy Trujillo and Fannie Loretto. She made mostly storytellers and traditional polychrome jars and bowls.

Mary married Luciano Coriz and moved to his home at Santo Domingo. There she worked with her brother-in-law, Robert Tenorio, learning to use Santo Domingo clay and paint Santo Domingo designs. Her daughter, Angel Annette Coriz, learned to make figures from working with her. Since Angel married Ralph Bailon she's made mostly figures: nativities, storytellers, corn maidens and singing angels.

Genealogy - Santo Domingo, Genealogy - Jemez

Polychropme jar with a square opening and deer, plant and geometric design
Polychrome jar with a square opening and a deer, plant and geometric design
Design painted by Robert Tenorio
7 in H by 7.5 in Dia

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