Descendants of Carrie Reid Loretto

Jemez Pueblo

Carrie Reid Loretto was born and raised at Laguna Pueblo. After she married Louis Loretto, she moved to his home at Jemez Pueblo.

Carrie's daughter, Mary Edna, married into Santo Domingo Pueblo and learned to make Santo Domingo pottery from Robert Tenorio. Dorothy married into Cochiti, moved there and learned to make Cochiti-style pottery from her mother-in-law, Damacia Cordero.

    Carrie Reid Loretto (Laguna)(1920s-) & Louis Loretto
    • Alma Maestas (1941-) & Vitalio Maestas
    • Fannie Loretto (1953-) & Steve Wall (Chippewa)
      • Adrian Wall
      • Kathleen Wall (1972-)
    • Mary Loretto Toya (c.1950s-)
    • Dorothy Loretto Trujillo (1932-c.1990s) & Onofre Trujillo Sr. (Cochiti)
      • Frances Pino
      • Judith Suina (1960-)
      • Onofre Trujillo Jr. (1969-)
      • Cecilia Valencia (married into San Felipe, 1954-)
    • Leonora Lupe Lucero (married into San Felipe, 1943-)
    • Marie Edna Coriz (1946-) and Luciano Coriz (Santo Domingo)

Some of the above info is drawn from Southern Pueblo Pottery, 2000 Artist Biographies, by Gregory Schaaf, © 2002, Center for Indigenous Arts & Studies.

Other info is derived from personal contacts with family members and through ongoing searches of the Internet and carefully scrutinizing any new data found.

Jemez Pueblo Potters