Mariam Toya

Jemez Pueblo

Born in 1974, Camilla Mariam Toya is the daughter of Maxine Toya and sister of Dominique Toya. Her grandmother was Marie Romero, her aunt Laura Gachupin. Mariam grew up learning to make pottery by watching and working with her mother and grandmother.

In 1992 at Santa Fe Indian Market she earned a Second Place ribbon. The next year she earned the Best Young Potter Award and a First Place and Third Place ribbon. She's earned multiple ribbons since.

Mariam seems to prefer making redware and tanware melon pots and spiral cut pots, some lidded with appliques of butterflies, and canteens.

She has signed her pieces: Rainbow Basket, Mia Toya and Camilla Toya.

Spiral melon design carved into a buff-colored jar Buff jar carved with a spiral melon design
5 in H by 6.75 in Dia

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