Mary Ellen Toya

Jemez Pueblo

The sister of Judy, Marie R. and Anita Toya, Mary Ellen Toya is also a storyteller maker from Jemez Pueblo. Like her sisters, she learned the traditional craft from their mother, Mary E. Toya.

Mary Ellen's storytellers tend to be whimsical. I've seen koshares and various animal figurine/storytellers (because the mother's mouth is open and there is at least one child present) from Mary Ellen. Very playful, very happy creations.

Watermelon and a cat on a koshare Singing Maiden
Koshare Singing Maiden holding a cat and eating watermelon
11 in H by 5.25 in Dia
2 pups on a canine storyteller Canine storyteller with two pups
6.25 in H by 3.5 in Dia
5 children on a Santa Claus storyteller
Santa Claus storyteller figure with 5 children
5.75 in L by 5 in W by 8 in H

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