Antoinette Concha

Jemez Pueblo

Antoinette Concha was born into the Water Clan at Jemez Pueblo in 1964 (although her pueblo affiliation is both Jemez and Taos) and has been making pottery since 1976. She is the daughter of Alma Concha Loretto Maestas and Delfino Concha.

She specializes in making koshares, storytellers and nativity sets. She's probably best known for her mudhead storytellers painted matte black and for her white-on-red ware and black ware. She also attaches feathers to some of her creations.

On many of her figures, the only facial feature she uses is the nose as she sees that as the symbol of a living being.

Her cousins are the Toya sisters (Judy, Anita, Marie, Mary Ellen) and Mary E. Toya is her aunt.

One child on a storyteller
Storyteller with one child
4.25 in H by 3.75 in Dia

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