Juanita Fragua

Jemez Pueblo

Juanita Fragua is a potter from Jemez Pueblo. She decided to be a potter at a time when the Jemez pottery tradition had essentially collapsed. Movement toward a revival was happening but no one shape, form or design had emerged yet that was "Jemez." So Juanita felt free to exercise her creativity and she made many different shapes and forms and used many different designs and methods of decorating them. She was a true innovator and she passed that spirit on to her children, Betty Jean Fragua, Glendora Fragua (Daubs) and sculptor Clifford Fragua.

Bear paw imprints on a tan jar Tan jar with bear paw imprints
10 in H by 10.5 in Dia
Buff wedding vase with a melon-shaped base
A melon-shaped base on a buff wedding vase
10.75 in H by 6.75 in Dia
A band of geometric design decorates the short neck of a polychrome melon jar
A polychrome melon jar with a band of geometric design around the neck
5.75 in Dia by 5 in H

Jemez Pueblo Potters