Descendants of Santiago Cordero

Cochiti Pueblo

Generally, when it comes to the making of pottery in the early 1900s, the men don't count. However, Santiago Cordero has the distinction of having married two of Cochiti Pueblo's most influential potters from that time.

    Santiago Cordero (1876-) & Damacia Cordero (1905-1989)
    • Josephine Arquero (1928-)
    • Martha Arquero (1944-)
    • Gloria Herrera
    • Marie Laweka (1931-2002)
      • Josephine Laweka (1960-2008)
    • Among Damacia's students:
    • Dorothy Trujillo (Jemez/Laguna, married into Cochiti) (niece, 1932-1999)
      • Judith A. Suina (1960-)
      • Cecilia V. Trujillo (1954-)
      • Onofre Trujillo Jr. (c. 1969-)
      • Dorothy's students:
      • Norma A. Suina (1944-)

Some of the above info is drawn from Southern Pueblo Pottery, 2000 Artist Biographies, by Gregory Schaaf, © 2002, Center for Indigenous Arts & Studies.

Other info is derived from personal contacts with family members and through ongoing searches of the Internet and carefully scrutinizing any new data found.