Joseph Eustace

Cochiti Pueblo

Joseph Eustace is a potter from Cochiti Pueblo, born in the early 1950s. He is the son of Ben and Felecita Eustace, making his heritage 1/2 Cochiti and 1/2 Zuni. His mother was a potter, his father a jeweler. Like his 12 brothers and sisters, Joseph grew up learning to do both.

Joseph made mostly storytellers and other figures, but he also made some polychrome bowls and jars. He's participated in the Santa Fe Indian Market off-and-on since the early 1990s.

It appears that Joseph is more known for his jewelry than his pottery. A couple of his sisters are known for their jewelry, too.

A drummer figure with his drum A drum and drummer figure
5.5 in H by 4.5 in Dia
Measurement of largest piece

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