Rita Lewis

Cochiti Pueblo

Rita Lewis was a potter from Cochiti Pueblo, daughter of famous potter Ascencion Banada. She married Ivan Lewis, son of famous Acoma potter Lucy Lewis around 1946.

Rita had learned pottery making from her mother but didn't start producing any real amount of pottery until 1959. Ivan didn't learn pottery making from his mother, he learned it from Rita. They started making bowls and animal figurines together around 1971, then branched into storyteller figurines around 1973. Rita continued making storyteller figurines after Ivan's death, then she passed away in 1991.

Storyteller on a mocassin
Polychrome storyteller on a mocassin with seven children
6.75 in H by 8.75 in Dia
A pair of polychrome angel figures
Two polychrome angels
5 in H by 2.5 in Dia
Measurement of larger piece
6 children with a storytime grandfather Storytime grandfather with 6 children, 2nd Place ribbon, Santa Fe Indian Market
9 in H by 8 in Dia
Measurement of largest piece
A grandmother storyteller figure sitting on a shoe with 8 children
8 children sitting on a shoe with a grandmother storyteller
8.75 in L by 4.75 in W by 6.75 in H

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