Josephine Arquero

Cochiti Pueblo

Josephine Arquero was a contemporary relative of Helen Cordero at Cochiti Pueblo. They were of the same father but different mothers. The pueblos are a matrilineal society, meaning familial relationships can be very different from what the Anglo world is used to.

Josephine, too, specialized in figures, having learned how to make them from her famous mother, Damacia Cordero. Josephine's sisters, Martha Arquero and Marie Laweka, also made figures.

Eight pieces in a nativity set
Nativity set with eight pieces
4.75 in H by 4.75 in Dia
Measurement of largest piece
Male tribal figure
Standing man in tribal dress
11.75 in H by 4.5 in Dia
8 pieces in a nativioty set
Nativity set with eight pieces
3.75 in L by 3.5 in W by 4.75 in H
Measurement of largest piece

Cochiti Pueblo Potters