Marie Laweka

Cochiti Pueblo

Marie Laweka was a potter from Cochiti Pueblo. She was born in 1930 to Damacia Cordero, a noted Cochiti Pueblo figurine-maker. Marie followed in her mother's footsteps, making turtles, frogs, snakes, deer, birds, fish, penguins, cows, cats, dogs and dinosaurs. Her sisters, Martha and Josephine Arquero, also made figurines, as did Marie's daughter, Josephine Laweka.

Obese deer figurine
Fat deer figure
4.25 in H by 5 in Dia
Geometric design on a dinosaur figure
Dinosaur figure with a geometric design
3 in H by 7.75 in Dia
2 joeys in the pouch of a black and gray kangaroo figure
Black and gray kangaroo figure holding 2 joeys in her pouch
7.75 in H by 5 in Dia
A long-snouted dog figure
A dog figure with a long snout
11 in L by 4 in W by 3 in H

Cochiti Pueblo Potters