Maria P. Romero

Cochiti Pueblo

Maria Priscilla Romero was born into Cochiti Pueblo in 1936. She learned how to make pottery while she was growing up but apparently didn't make any for the marketplace until she was in her forties. Then she mostly made storyteller figures. She'd learned how to make them from her mother, Maggie Chalan, and her mother-in-law, Teresita Romero (who) was the grandmother of Mateo and Diego Romero).

Some of Maria's storytellers were frogs, some were bear figures. She made some nativities, too. Maria taught her daughter, Mary Eunice Ware, and Rose Brown how to make pottery the traditional way, too. Maria passed on in 2020.

8 child frogs on a polychrome frog storyteller figure A polychrome frog storyteller figure with eight babies on it
4.25 in L by 5 in W by 6 in H

Cochiti Pueblo Potters