Rose Brown

Cochiti Pueblo

Rose Brown is a potter from Cochiti Pueblo. Or is she from San Ildefonso? I don't know. She was born at Cochiti and learned how to make pottery from Maria P. Romero. She has been said to be the only potter at San Ildefonso to make storyteller figures, and it appears she made them out of Cochiti clay. She also signed some pieces with "Cochiti" and some with "San Ildefonso." That suggests that she married someone from San Ildefonso and moved to his home there. But I don't know. No matter where she was, her pieces were very, very similar to those made by her teacher. That's all I have been able to find about her.

Three children on a polychrome frog storyteller
A polychrome frog storyteller with three children
3.5 in L by 2.75 in W by 1 in H
A frog storyteller figure with five baby frogs on it
Five baby frogs on a small polychrome frog storyteller figure
2.25 in L by 2 in W by 3 in H

Cochiti Pueblo Potters