Marie Suina

Cochiti Pueblo

Marie Charlotte Suina was born into Cochiti Pueblo in July 1954. She was the daughter of Ada Suina and Tony Suina Jr. One of her aunts was Snowflake Flower, one of her uncles was married to Helen Cordero.

Marie became an active potter in the late 1970s, making polychrome jars and bowels. Then in the 1980s she moved into making figures, nativities and storytellers. She was a participant in the Santa Fe Indian Market for many years, one of her storytellers earning a 2nd Place ribbon in 1988. A 3-piece storyteller set earned a 3rd Place ribbon in 1995.

Marie was making pottery right up until she passed on in 2010.

A singing drummer figure A drummer figure singing
6.25 in H by 6 in Dia

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