Mary Janice Ortiz

Cochiti Pueblo

Mary Janice Ortiz was a daughter of Seferina Ortiz and sister of Inez Ortiz and Virgil Ortiz. She learned all about making pottery the traditional way at an early age. Then she went to college for several years and got away from it.

When she returned to the pueblo after college, she realized that she was a member of a long lineage of traditional potters... and she returned to making pottery.

She liked to make "whatever comes to mind in the moment" but appears to have specialized in sculptures and figures.

Three pieces to a Statue of Liberty figure
Stature of Liberty figure with three pieces
14.75 in H
Geometric design on a polychrome two-headed circus figure
Polychrome two-headed circus figure with geometric design
13 in H by 9 in Dia
Measurement includes stand
Separate day and night figures accompany a larger Mother Earth figure
Mother Earth figure with separate day and night figures
10.5 in H by 11 in Dia
Measurement of Mother Earth
A tattooed two-headed circus performer
A 2-headed tattooed circus performer
6 in L by 8 in W by 12.25 in H
Measurement includes custom stand

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