Mary and Leonard Trujillo

Cochiti Pueblo

Mary Tapia was born into San Juan Pueblo in 1937, Leonard Trujillo into Cochiti Pueblo in 1936. When they married, contrary to pueblo tradition she moved to his home at Cochiti.

Mary had learned to make traditional San Juan red ware from her mother, Leonidas Tapia, but at Cochiti she learned to make storyteller figures from her mother-in-law, Helen Cordero.

In the 1980s Mary and Leonard began producing pottery together and for years they were among the premier figurine potters at Cochiti.

Mary and Leonard's work is shown in places like the School for Advanced Research in Santa Fe, NM, and the Heard Museum in Phoenix, AZ. Leonard passed on in 2017.

Six children shucking corn with four singing mothers
Four singing mothers shucking corn with six children
5.25 in H by 4 in Dia Measurement of largest piece
Male drummer figure
Male drummer figure
5.25 in H by 5 in Dia
10 children on a grandfather storyteller
Grandfather storyteller figure holding 10 children
10.25 in h by 6.5 in Dia

Cochiti Pueblo Potters