Lee Ann Cheromiah

Laguna Pueblo

Born in June 1954, Lee Ann Cheromiah was the daughter of Evelyn Cheromiah, one of the women who jump-started the revival of the Laguna pottery tradition. Like her sisters, Mary and Wendy, she learned to make pottery from watching and working with their mother as she grew up.

Lee Ann liked to make traditional Laguna polychrome jars, bowls and animal figures. She was particularly fond of making bighorn rams.

Lee Ann was a participant in the Santa Fe Indian Market and the New Mexico State Fair for a number of years, earning ribbons at both.

Polychrome jar with 4-panel medallion, kiva step, cloud, rain and geometric design Polychrome jar with a 4-panel rain, cloud, medallion, kiva step and geometric design
10 in H by 12.5 in Dia
A geometric design on a polychrome jar
A polychrome jar decorated with a geometric design
12.5 in Dia by 10.25 in H

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