Yvonne Lucas

Laguna Pueblo

Yvonne Analla Lucas is the sister of Calvin Analla Jr. and wife of Steve Lucas. She is working to revive the tradition of pottery making at Laguna Pueblo but to do so she had to go to Hopi and learn for herself. Thankfully, she learned a lot from her husband, then his Aunt Dextra took Yvonne under her wing and showed her how she does it. So Yvonne applies what she learned from Dextra to Laguna traditions... and, like her husband, earns a lot of awards along the way.

Geometric design on a black and white jar
Black and white jar with geometric design
8.75 in H by 10.5 in Dia
Geometric design on a polychrome jar
Polychrome jar with geometric design 6.25 in H by 11.5 in Dia
Floral and geometric design on a polychrome jar
Polychrome jar with floral and geometric design
8.5 in H by 10 in Dia
Laguna shard designs decorate a polychrome Hopi clay jar
Polychrome Hopi clay jar decorated with Laguna shard designs
7.25 in H by 6.75 in Dia
Leaf and floral design on a black and cream jar
Black and cream jar decorated with leaf and floral designs
6 in H by 9 in Dia
Dark brown geometric design on a cream jar
Cream-colored jar decorated with a dark brown geometric design
6 in H by 8.75 in Dia

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