Descendants and Students of Corn Moquino

Santa Clara Pueblo

Lee Moquino goes into this list somewhere, he says Corn Moquino is his grandfather and first teacher. But I haven't found any record of the direct relaton. His mother is Lorena Arrietta, originally of Pojoaque. It seems they collaborate a bit on his pottery these days.

    Benina (Homer) Moquino (Zia) and Augustin Moquino (Hopi)
    • Reyes Homer and Marie Homer
      • Robert Allen Homer (1956-)(learned from Corn)
    • Bob Moquino
    • Corn Moquino and Christine Herrera (Santa Clara)
    • Willie Moquino
    • Ester Talles

Some of the above info is drawn from Pueblo Indian Pottery, 750 Artist Biographies, by Gregory Schaaf, © 2000, Center for Indigenous Arts & Studies

Other info is derived from personal contacts with family members and through ongoing searches of the Internet and carefully scrutinizing any new data found.

Santa Clara Pueblo Potters