Susan Romero

Born in 1955, Susan Romero (Pho-Sa-we) is the daughter of Joseph Lonewolf. She grew up learning the ancient process from her father and since producing her first pots in 1972, she has concentrated on miniature pottery etched in exquisite sgraffito style.

Sgraffitpo water scene on a red seedpot
Red seedpot with sgraffito water scene
2 1/2 in H by 2 3/4 in Dia
Sgraffito bear, hunter and geometric design on a red seed pot
Red seed pot decorated with a sgraffito hunter, bear and geometric design
1 3/4 in H by 2 in Dia
Sgraffito fish, water and grometric design on a miniature red seed pot Miniature red seed pot with a sgraffito fish, water and geometric design
2 1/2 in H by 2 1/4 in Dia

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