Celes and Evelyn Aguilar

Celes Tafoya (born 1932) and Evelyn Aguilar are a mother-and-daughter team of potters from Santa Clara Pueblo. Celes learned the ancient art from her mother, Legoria Tafoya, and passed it on to her daughter. Among Celes' close aunts were Pablita Verde and Jane Baca.

Over a long career, Celes, working with either mother or daughter, earned many ribbons at the Eight Northern Pueblos Arts & Crafts Show and at Santa Fe Indian Market. They made a lot of black ware, mostly bowls, small jars and figurines. Their designs were usually carved with rounded edges and they carved a lot of avanyu designs.

The style many collectors have come to associate with the "Legoria and Celes" signature is still being made under the "Celes and Evelyn" signature.

Geometric design carved into a black bird bowl
Black bird bowl carved with geometric design
3 in H by 6 1/2 in Dia
An avanyu design carved into a black bowl
Black bowl polished inside and out and carved with an avanyu design
3 3/4 in H by 5 1/2 in Dia

Santa Clara Pueblo Potters