Art Cody - Haungooah

Art Cody (Haungooah) was a Kiowa man who married Marie Suazo of Santa Clara Pueblo and moved to his wife's home. At Santa Clara he learned the Santa Claran methods of the traditional art. He specialized in small seed pots decorated with very fine sgraffito designs. His son, Dean Haungooah, carries on his fine tradition, although Dean now lives on the Navajo Nation.

Sgraffito eagle and geometric design on a blck seed pot
Black seed pot decorated with a sgraffito eagle and geometric design
2 in H by 1 3/4 in Dia
Mixed media bear-shaped piece with polished red sgraffito geometric design and red micaceous slip plus feathers
Mixed media sculptural bear with inlaid stones, red micaceous slip and a polished red surface decorated with sgraffito geometric design plus feathers
4 1/2 in H by 8 in Dia

Santa Clara Pueblo Potters