Forrest Naranjo

Forrest Naranjo is the son of potter Bernice Naranjo and he learned the traditional art from her.

Sgraffito underwater designs on a polished brown jar
Polished brown jar decorated with sgraffito underwater scenes
3 1/2 in H by 9 in Dia
Sgraffito buffalo, horse and geometric designs on a brown and black jar
Black and brown jar with a lid and sgraffito horse, bison and geometric designs
9 1/2 in H by 6 in Dia
Sgraffito animal designs on a black and brown wedding vase
Black and brown wedding vase with sgraffito animal designs
4 3/4 in H by 3 1/2 in Dia
Sgraffito animal and geometric designs on a brown vase
Brown vase decorated with sgraffito animal and geometric designs
5 1/2 in H by 3 in Dia
Sgraffito nature design on a miniature red seed pot
Miniature red seedpot decorated with a sgraffito nature design
1 3/4 in H by 2 in Dia

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