Angela Corona

Maria de Los Angeles (Angela) Corona Guillen is a potter from Mata Ortiz, Mexico. Her mother is Mercedes Guillen Gonzales, her father Guadalupe Corona Hernandez. Born in October 1983, she began making pots around the age of 15. She learned from her brother, Vidal Corona. She still forms and paints her own pieces but she purchases her natural clay paints in the village and uses an electric kiln to get the results she wants.

Angela has found a niche in making polychrome owl figures and seed pots draped with lizards. With sgraffito design and bright colors, her work is instantly recognizable. She sometimes collaborates with her husband, Oscar Ramirez. She signs her pieces: Angela Corona.

Owl and branch design on an owl jar decorated with a Paquime geometric design
Owl-shaped jar decorated with an owl, branch and paquime geometric design
9 1/2 in H by 7 1/2 in Dia
Measurement includes stand
Owl and branch design on a polychrome owl figure
Polychrome owl figure decorated with owl and branch design
9 3/4 in H by 7 1/2 in Dia

Mata Ortiz/Casas Grandes Potters