A view of the ruins named Squre Tower and Hovenweep Castle
Square Tower and Hovenweep Castle
Closeup of Hovenweep Castle
Hovenweep Castle

The people of the Hovenweep area were strongly influenced by the people of Mesa Verde. And like the people of Mesa Verde, they were abandoning the Hovenweep area about the same time, some going southeast to the Pajarito Plateau and Rio Chama Valley, some going southwest to the Hopi mesas.

Somewhere I came across something about the people of the Poshuouingeh area coming from the Upper San Juan drainage, perhaps the Lowry or Yellowjacket Pueblo areas.

The stone and mud walls of the Twin Towers ruin
The Twin Towers
Photos courtesy of the National Park Service

Sites of the Ancients and approximate dates of occupation: