Yellow bowl with black bird element and geometric design on the inside
Jeddito Black on yellow bowl

Jeddito is an area running along a ridge overlooking Jeddito Wash. There are ruins of seven major pueblos spread out along the ridge, ruins of Hopi heritage but only two are now on Hopi land. The others are in the Jeddito Island, a Navajo territory surrounded by the Hopi Reservation. Awatovi is located on Hopi land and is relatively easy to get to, as long as you are in the company of a Hopi guide. None of the others are.

Jeddito Canyon is where Jeddito yellow clay is found. Potters from the pueblos lining the mesa rim were prolific with it and samples have been found all over the southwestern states. Jeddito Black on yellow was big for more than 100 years, giving way to Sikyatki Polychrome as it developed in the mid 1400's.

Photo courtesy of the National Park Service

Sites of the Ancients and approximate dates of occupation: