Antoinette Honie


Antoinette Silas Honie is a Hopi-Tewa potter. She's earned a number of ribbons at the Museum of Northern Arizona's Hopi Marketplace show. She learned to make pottery from her mother, Roberta Youvella Silas, as she was growing up. Among her siblings are Jofern Silas Puffer, Louann Silas and Venora Silas.

Antoinette specializes in creating complex compositions of parrot tail feathers, parrot beaks, prayer feathers, scrolls, kiva steps and rain clouds. She also really enjoys making wedding vases.

Bird element and shard design on a polychrome yellow ware jar
Polychrome yellow ware jar decorated with a bird element and shard design
6 in H by 6.5 in Dia

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