Marianne Navasie


Born in 1951, Marianne Navasie is the daughter of Joy Navasie (Second Frogwoman) and granddaughter of Paqua Naha (First Frogwoman). Marianne didn't start making pottery until she was 18. Then she mastered the family's trademark white ware style of pottery and the traditional designs she painted on them.

Marianne learned to make traditional pottery from her mother. But Joy was right-handed and Marianne was left-handed. You don't notice until you put a pot from each next to each other: the decorations flow in opposite directions.

Marianne signed most of her pots with a frog and an "M" next to it. Earlier in her career she used the frog with a tadpole next to it (denoting her place in the family tree). She passed on in 2007.

Band of red and black geometric designs on a tall neck whiteware vase
Tall neck whiteware vase with band of red and black geometric designs
7.5 in H by 4.75 in Dia
A bird element and geometric design on 2 sides of  apolychrome wedding vase
A polychrome wedding vase with a bird element and gheometric design on two sides
8 in L by 8.5 in W by 13.75 in H

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