Dee Setalla


Born in July, 1963 at the Indian Health Service hospital in Keams Canyon, AZ, Dee Setalla is the son of Justin and Pauline Setalla. He grew up in the village of Mishongnovi. Like his siblings, he learned to make pottery from his mother and from his father's sister, Eunice Fawn Navasie.

Dee mostly makes polychrome Sikyátki-style jars and bowls. He seems to like decorating them using red and black designs that were passed down through his family for generations.

Dee has been a participant in shows at the Museum of Northern Arizona, the University of Arizona, Pueblo Grande Invitational Indian Market, Santa Fe Indian Market and the Santo Domingo Pueblo Indian Arts & Crafts Market. He has earned multiple ribbons over the years.

A katsina and geometric design inside a polychrome bowl with a geometric design and fire clouds on the outside
A polychrome bowl decorated with a katsina and geometric design inside and a geometric design with fire clouds on the outside
9.5 in Dia by 2.5 in H

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